• Hello everyone

    So, it's been a long while I know. But I have a genuine reason. Busy keeping MG Rovers on the road from the dreaded head gasket failure.

    I'm not going to go through all of my jobs I have done for the past 2 months, it would take forever. But I will run through the past week and some other key moments.

    Tuesday: I was in Maidstone in Kent. Now this is very local, so a nice lay in and a MG ZR to start the week off.

    It had previously had a head gasket done, but it had been put in upside down. Yes, you read that correct. I have no idea how someone can do this and not see the problem, but hey! these things are here to test us.

    It also needed a water pump, so that was changed at the time too.

    Wednesday I was in Northampton for a MGTF. This was pretty straight forward. Head gasket only. It all went to plan and I was done and on my way home by lunch time.

    Thursday I was in the midlands. I had a MGTF in the morning, which had been looked at previously by a garage, who confirmed the head gasket had failed, and then continued to put a leak stop in the cooling system and send them on their way.

    it created so many blockages in the system that when it come to me cleaning it and starting it up and bleeding, I had a joy chasing blockages around and getting the heaters to once again blow hot air.

    In the end I was the winner, and the car was back on the road and ready for the lady to enjoy once again.

    I then headed off to do a MG ZT. this was for a head gasket and timing belt.

    The head wasnot in a good way, and it needed to be replaced, as it was something I couldn't reuse.

    Other than that, it was a good straight forward job. Customer was very happy and another MG saved.

    Today I had a planned day off. to do things such as updat the website and write in the blog.

    So, a few key events..

    I had a lorry drive into the side of the van on the M25.

    Thankfully no injuries and all was well.. even the van was drivable. Although it has suffered some obvious battle scars.

    The driver took blame and it's all been left in the had of the insurance companies.

    I guess after the amount of miles that I do, something like this was a high possibility of happeneing, and I am very aware it one day could happen.

    Thank fully this was just one of those things and all involved were unharmed.

    My own personal car the week before this was also writen off. Parked outside the house, a lady in a van drove straight into the side of it.

    this didn't come off as luck as the van, and again she took full liabilty and that also is going through insurance.

    So hopefully I am due some good news, but then I guess that's coming in the way of work. Still busy, still striving to offer the best service a mobile mechanic can, and still looking to keep the MG badge on the road.

    Next week is almost full, and I have jobs booking for the following week too. so all is on track to be another busy spring, and back to the days of 2 head gasket repairs a day.

    So everyone, keep an eye of for coolant loss, creamy oil, excessive smoke from exhaust and watch that temp guage. All of these things can if not already, lead to head gasket failure.

    I trust you are all well, and it's nearly time to get them roofs down. :)



  • New year, full steam ahead

    Hi everyone, I trust you all had a great new year and are settling back to normality with work ect.

    For myself, it's all go. With the past few weeks being as busy as ever. After a couple of very quite weks, things have picked up and even with a few days fitting two jobs in.

    This week has only been about the MGTF model. It's all I have worked on, Head gaskets, water pumps and servicing. Except for today, a Rover 75 which had a cam belt failure.

    Next week I do have a MGF and an MG ZR to work on.

    Doing jobs for people that work in accounts to Royal Navy. Very interesting people as always.

    Yesterday I had an interesting one.

    Customer had the car diognosed with head gasket failure. This part was quickly confirmed when I arrived, but the customer also explained he had a missfire.

    I had a listen before I got to work, and my initial thought was coil pack. But would investigate once the work had been done, as I didn't want to get the engine too hot before I stripped it apart.

    Once back together, I timed it up and fired it up. It had a horrific missfire, so I waited to see if it would clear, and it didn't, not that easy.

    I checked the coils and they all came up good. And at this point, the missfire was getting worse, the warmer the engine got. instantly I thought valves.

    I did a compression test, and see it was low on 3 and 4 cylinder.

    This being a VVC engine, I directly thought it had a faulty VVC cam or unit.

    I took the rear belt cover off, and there was the problem, it was the timing on the rear side that was out.

    The problem was a faulty roll pin on the exhuast cam side. Luckly the customer had a box of roll pins and the issue was resolved and all was great.

    It's not often I get a head scratching job like this, as most are all the same, head gasket failure, oil in coolant, creamy oil, external leak ect.

    So it was a straight forward job that had me going back to basics and fault finding.

    All though in reality it probably only took about 2 mins for me to work it out, it was still a good thing to happen.

    Next week I am in a few locations, Peterborough, london, Kent.



  • Wishing you all a merry Christmas

    Hi everyone.

    So, since my last update on Friday. It has been pretty quite. Fully expected this time of year, more important things to think about other than cars, and most people have already finished until the new year.

    Today I was in Kings Lynn. MGF with a head gasket.

    The standard type of thing, loss of coolant, creamy oil and over heating.

    It was my last job before christmas, and it thankfully was full of christmas cheer and went perfectly. Very nice indeed.

    Satuday I am in South London, Croydon. This is for a VVC MGF wich is in for a cam belt and water pump.

    Next week, its back to normal, and other than New years day. I will be back to my full schedule.

    I have had a number of enquirees the past few days. MG ZS and a Rover 45 both looking for head gasket repair. and I have had a few MGF and MGTF quotes for the same.

    I will update again before the new year, so this is just a Merry Christmas to all from me. And I hope you all take the time to relax and have fun.




  • Nearly Christmas Break

    A week since the last update, and it's been a hectic one.

    A trip to Bromley for an MGF. For a head gasket replacement.

    Great Customer and a nice sunny day, even if it was a little cold.

    Monday I went to Kings Lynn. This was to have a look at a MG ZS. This was having problems with over heating, and had been informed it was a head gasket. After some checks, more tests and I found that he had a problem with his return valve.

    Tuesday I had a BIG drive up to Blackpool, where I had a couple of jobs.

    A Rover 25 in the morning with a head gasket, water pump and cam belt.

    Then I had an MGTF which was in for just a gasket. creamy oil, steam. normal symptoms.

    I stayed near Manchester for the evening, and I was at work the next morning in Newcastle, to work on a VVC MGF for a head gasket, cam belt and pump. and then down to Tamworth to replace a cam belt and water pump on a MGTF.

    Today was a day off, got a head skimmed ready for a job in a few days, and tomorrow I am off to Norwich to do a head gasket on a MGTF



  • Lead up to Christmas

    It's not long until that time of the year. The time of year I have no choice but to take time off.

    Until then, I have some work booked in, and had theweek of all weeks just gone.

    It started on monday (as weeks do) with a trip to Dorset. this was for a Option D, Chinese gasket on a MGTF VVC.

    The drive to Bournmouth was a good one, and it was a fabulous day, blue sky, sun was out, dry.. BUT FREEZING!! so cold!

    The car was done in about 4 hours, which to be fair was good going for the job.

    I then made a trip over to Worthing, East Sussex. To have a look at a Rover 25 which had been confirmed as a head gasket.

    It turned out to be nothing more than a failed Saab valve, and I had it running nice, with warm heaters in about an hour. Which was handy, as I really needed to warm my hands up.

    Tuesday I was a little more local. I had a Rover 75 which was in need of a new head gasket, and a new turbo. I didnt think the job would take too long, but it went on and on and on.

    Finally got home at about 6pm

    Wednesday I was local again, Sittingbourne.

    This was for a MG ZR. Head gasket only.

    It had been done previously, at his place of work by the mechanic. But 2000 miles later, it had failed on him and he called me up as the mechaninc had no idea how.

    As I was stripping i down, it became clear of the problem, and it was the normal thing. Head bolts had not been tightened properly.

    new gasket fitted, head bolts tightened correctly, and away I was. Before lunch I was home. Rare day but love them.

    Today was a little odd, Was due in Bristol apparently, but My diary had me at a job I had already been to.

    Not sure how I made such a mistake. but only noticed when I was on the road of the job and remembered I have been here before. then realised the mistake was greater.

    Tomorrow I am looking at a car in north London, this is for a suspected head gasket.

    Saturday I have an MGF which is in Bromley, for a head gasket too.

    next week is an odd one, I have jobs booked in, but still a good amount of space left for more.

    Weather has been good, cold yes, but no rain really, which is a result.

    Hope you are all keeping well.




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