• Nearly Christmas Break

    A week since the last update, and it's been a hectic one.

    A trip to Bromley for an MGF. For a head gasket replacement.

    Great Customer and a nice sunny day, even if it was a little cold.

    Monday I went to Kings Lynn. This was to have a look at a MG ZS. This was having problems with over heating, and had been informed it was a head gasket. After some checks, more tests and I found that he had a problem with his return valve.

    Tuesday I had a BIG drive up to Blackpool, where I had a couple of jobs.

    A Rover 25 in the morning with a head gasket, water pump and cam belt.

    Then I had an MGTF which was in for just a gasket. creamy oil, steam. normal symptoms.

    I stayed near Manchester for the evening, and I was at work the next morning in Newcastle, to work on a VVC MGF for a head gasket, cam belt and pump. and then down to Tamworth to replace a cam belt and water pump on a MGTF.

    Today was a day off, got a head skimmed ready for a job in a few days, and tomorrow I am off to Norwich to do a head gasket on a MGTF



  • Lead up to Christmas

    It's not long until that time of the year. The time of year I have no choice but to take time off.

    Until then, I have some work booked in, and had theweek of all weeks just gone.

    It started on monday (as weeks do) with a trip to Dorset. this was for a Option D, Chinese gasket on a MGTF VVC.

    The drive to Bournmouth was a good one, and it was a fabulous day, blue sky, sun was out, dry.. BUT FREEZING!! so cold!

    The car was done in about 4 hours, which to be fair was good going for the job.

    I then made a trip over to Worthing, East Sussex. To have a look at a Rover 25 which had been confirmed as a head gasket.

    It turned out to be nothing more than a failed Saab valve, and I had it running nice, with warm heaters in about an hour. Which was handy, as I really needed to warm my hands up.

    Tuesday I was a little more local. I had a Rover 75 which was in need of a new head gasket, and a new turbo. I didnt think the job would take too long, but it went on and on and on.

    Finally got home at about 6pm

    Wednesday I was local again, Sittingbourne.

    This was for a MG ZR. Head gasket only.

    It had been done previously, at his place of work by the mechanic. But 2000 miles later, it had failed on him and he called me up as the mechaninc had no idea how.

    As I was stripping i down, it became clear of the problem, and it was the normal thing. Head bolts had not been tightened properly.

    new gasket fitted, head bolts tightened correctly, and away I was. Before lunch I was home. Rare day but love them.

    Today was a little odd, Was due in Bristol apparently, but My diary had me at a job I had already been to.

    Not sure how I made such a mistake. but only noticed when I was on the road of the job and remembered I have been here before. then realised the mistake was greater.

    Tomorrow I am looking at a car in north London, this is for a suspected head gasket.

    Saturday I have an MGF which is in Bromley, for a head gasket too.

    next week is an odd one, I have jobs booked in, but still a good amount of space left for more.

    Weather has been good, cold yes, but no rain really, which is a result.

    Hope you are all keeping well.




  • What a week.

    The week started off with..... a day off :)

    Monday I had plans to see a friend, so I booked jobs around the day. Only to be cancelled. So, with that I got my van loaded, cleaned, and ready for the job on tuesday.

    This was visit to Bracknel. MGF which was in need of a head gasket change. The 3rd one too.

    It's ones like these which give the K series engine a bad rep. 3 times is a bit of an issue, but clearly with the miles done between each job, they hadnt done it correctly.

    This time however, it was done with the older style gasket.

    This decision was made down to a couple of things.

    One was liner hights. now I don't subscribe to what some people online suggest that the hights need to be a certain hight in order to have the multi layer gasket fitted. The tollerance is the same as the original style.

    But, that with also the fact the block face was a little pitted, I spoke with the customer, and he was happy to go with what I was happy to fit and warranty.

    The job went to plan, a little rain but I was luckily under cover for this.

    Wednesday I was in Wickford, Essex

    This was for an MGTF. Very nice, clean and was having issues with pressurising system, no heaters nd coolant loss.

    this had a problem with the head itself. And I need to go back on Tuesday with another one. It's a shame, but these things do sometimes need a 2nd return to get the car fully back on the road.

    Thursday I was in east London, Laytonstone.

    Rover 45 with a head gasket.

    This had the coolant mix with the oil, it was a creamy mess, and had almost 8 litres of contaminated oil in the sump.

    The job went to plan. but upon startup, there was a very distinctive whine, and that whine was one of the oil pump.

    Where it had been sat with all that water in the oil, it has damaged the oil pump.

    not something I carry with me, so another trip back to finish that job off in the week.

    Friday I was back to an old customer, he has a MG ZR and I did his head gasket a number of months back.

    He was now ready to have his timing belt and water pump replaced, and i was a nice job to end the week with.

    All in all, it was a fun week. a few jobs that gave a little more problems than normal, but it's good, the thinking head comes on and I like that.

    Next week I am in hull, Norwich and back to essex and london.



  • New week, Another new van

    Full steam ahead ladies and gents.

    The bad luck with the transport has finally been resolved in the shape of an Astra Van.

    So far so good, and It's good on fuel.

    This week as been quite, An MGF Head gasket is the only one of the week.

    Nex week it's much the same. A couple of jobs booked in.

    A head gasket on an MGF in the Reading area, and then a Cambelt and water pump on a MG ZR.

    I have had a few emails and calls, so I am sure the week will start to book up over the next day or two.

    It's very quite all around at the moment, a few friends at garages have said it's slowed down, and with the run to christmas, priorities change for people, and rightly so.

    Not much really to report.

    I have done local trips this week around Kent, and essex. But all in all. Nothing much to say.

    Weather temp dropping, rain is kind of holding off, well at least where I have been. It's good.

    Reading and hertforshire next week. with a possible trip to Hull, Manchester and Essex on the cards.



  • Stranger week haha, but all good

    This week has been a little weirder than the last update.

    I had some trouble with my car, which I was using whilst I waited to get a van.

    After all of the drama of that, I started this week with the intention of it being a good one, new van at the end of the week and then plan to sort that out for sign writing and shelving in the back.

    onday I was in Bristol.

    This was for an MGF which had a head gasket failure on the way back from buying it.

    It had put all it's coolant in the oil, and was a nice creamy mess.

    I got to work in a nice workshop for this, and although the sun was out to play, it was nice to be replacing a head gasket in the warm.

    Tuesday I was in Litchfield. West midlands.

    this was for a MGTF, head gasket, water pump and cam belt

    It was overheating after very short runs, and pressurizing.

    I had a look in the expansion ank and see evidence of kseal.The customer had only had the car a couple of weeks, and hadn't got to enjoy it at all.

    I took the cylinder head off to find a few of the water ways on the head were blocked, by some kind of rad weld.

    I found this in all different parts of the cooling system, so I stripped it all down to make sure I got it all out.

    then with a change of pump, belt and new multi layer gasket, fueld by coffee and bacon & egg sandwich, I was able to have the MG back running as it should.

    Wednesday is where the week turned.

    I was on my way to Eseex for a head gasket repalcement on a rover 45.

    On the A2 there was a queue of traffic waiting to get on the M25, so I decided to keep going and get off at the next junction, and head the back roads towards the dartford crossing.

    As this thought was running through my head, a VW Passat pulled out of the parked traffic infront of me at 40 mph in the rain, and wrote my car off.

    Thankfully, no injuries, nothing other than a bit of a pain having to cancel my job, and havin no transport at all.

    I had a van lined up, and I rang the parts company who I was buying it off to see if I could come and collect it that day, they said no problem, and even sent one of their drivers to come and get me. excellent. Not a bad day after all.

    Thursday I wen to the job in Essex that I was suppose to go to. As I had Thursday booked off.

    this was booked in for a head gasket, but it was only a inlet manifold problem.

    Nice old guy who was ready to spend £300 on something his local garage was happy to take £800 off for a £60 job.

    Friday, I was in Salisbury. This was for a MGTF, head gasket, water pump and belt.

    This was another one which had creamy oil. The job went well, with no problems and it was a very clean car.

    The drive home though, this is where the stranger week part comes in.

    The new van over heaed on the drive home. Not being too worried, as I had a van full of tools and coolant, I pulled over at a service station to have a look.

    It seemed to be an airlock, tem guage up and down, rev dependent. so I topped up and went to bleed the system. Broken bleed screw. Perfect!

    I deceided to drive home and hope that will do the job. Heaters on hot, all seemed well.

    As I got closer to home, I put the heaters on cold, to see if all was well.. and almost right away the temp guage was on the rise.

    Got it back, had a look about, did a chemical test and would you believe it, Head gasket failure haha.

    I also found that the rear engine mount was clearly there just for show, as it wasnt holding the engine in place.

    I now am in a odd situation.

    The parts comapny said they will refund the cash, no question. or if I repair it come up with some deal.

    but, I have a job tomorrow in Guilford, which I think I can make the van work for me, to get to and from that head gasket job.

    But tuesday, I am in Summerset, and this is a big big job, with a big drive to match.

    So, I will be mostly thinking of that today.

    Other than that, the week is so far quite, I have jobs for next week booke, and even december I am booking. but this following week is so far just monday and tuesday. Although I am sure it will change,



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