• Been a long time

    So this is a long time coming this update to the blog.

    4 months.

    I wont do the normal blog and run through all the jobs I have done in that time, you would all be bored.

    A few things are changing here at Head Tec towers. Firstly, I have a new van. This is something that has been required for a very long time.

    I kept putting it off as the last one was super reliable, and with the huge ammount of miles that I do, I couldn't pull myself away from selling it.

    Well, it's gone, and in it's place is a citreon Berlingo. a little better than before, a little newer, and much nicer to drive.

    The next change is going to be the website.

    I have had this site now for 3 years. It's something I did when I was about 1 year in to doing this and it was a temp solution to try and gain a little more interest. It's done the job perfectly, but it's not great with phones, and the contact page does not work at all on them.

    i'm still busy with head gasket repairs every week, and still seeing the same old things that we are all aware of. The dreaded creamy oil, temp levels raising, oil in the coolant. It's something that you all dread and what I see a lot.

    Not many shock things have been found over the past few months. I have seen the new multi layer gasket fall apart on cars I have attended.

    This is down to cheap parts and only water, no antifreeze in the system. It rusts away and falls apart.

    I am also seeing the jobs that have been done before with loose head bolts and bits missing, such at support bar braces on VVC and MGTF 135's

    I still mainly seem to be working on MGF and MGTF, I cant remember the last MG ZS I did, and as for Rovers, well I have a Rover 25 next week

    It's a shame that this kind of work is being done, but with so many "cheap" mechanics about, and maybe ones that are not familier with the engine, they will find certain things difficult to put back and just leave it.

    I am in a few places over the next few weeks, London, Essex, Kent, which is nice as its my home county. And I am in portsmouth and Southampton too.

    Well, I feel as though i'm rambling here, so I will update in a week with how things have gone on, what i've come across and post it all here.

    until then, take care and good to be back on here



  • where did the summer go?

    As I sit here writing this blog, outside its raining. seems as though I shouldnt be shocked or supprised, but yet I am and I am sure many of your are. even though we joke this is a typical English summer. There is just no hope.

    It still hasn't stopped me though, with jobs being done all over the place at a rapid rate.

    coventry, Bristol, Portsmouth to name a few.

    MGTF and MGTF's seem to be the main culprits, with the odd MG ZS and a few ZR thrown in.

    I had a customer even travel to me to have his head gasket, timing belt, water pump and service done. Something that I have never done before, in many many customers. It was nice not having to travel to work, and a very odd feeling. But something I could get very use to haha :) but also something I expect will be vary rare, as most customers cars I work on are not drivable and have gone past that stage of reliability.

    I was talking with a garage recently, who asked for some advice on what to look out for on the k-series engine and what is a good and bad sign for head gasket failure.

    I said to him that most garages almost always condem a mg for a head gasket problem, when a lot of the time it is something much easier. such as a failed coolant cap, air lock or a water leak from the inlet manifold.

    But, there are some very clear signs. Loss of coolant and creamy looking oil. oil in the coolant, creamy coolant. missfire and excessive white smoke from exhaust. these are the main suspects. and the ones that if you have, alarm bells should ring, but panic station should not be something you go to as all these as drastic as they may seem. are all common things I see, and almost every time can be repaired easily and on the day.

    I am still using the same brand of multi layer gasket I have for 2 years now, I have found my home with them. they are a branded gasket, and not one has let me down for no reason.

    Today, I did a bit of a odd job I guess. a rear wheel bearing on a freelander 2.

    Not something I would normally take on, but this was for my better half's car. It's a job she has been asking em for a while to do, but I kept putting it off. today I bit the bullet and did it. It was a pig of a job to be fair, and see why garages charge well for them.

    The next 2 weeks I am fully booked. I am almost in all corners of the country. with a odd day here and there that I can fit in a job around my local area in a afternoon in Kent.

    Hopefully the weather pics up again. it's not fun working outside in the rain when its hot wearing a jacket.

    Until the next update, take care





    so, after the drama of my mobile being stolen. having to cancel and block the phone ect. all is back online and how it should be. Sorry to anyone who tried to contact me those few days and got a dead phone signal.

    Head gasket repairs are coming in thick and fast.

    MGF, MGTF, ZR and ZS gaskets all needing to be fixed and put back on the road.

    All sorts are coming through, with creamy oil, oil in the coolant and external leaks.

    today I had two jobs which both were faulty expansion tank caps. quite a common thing, and a normal misdiognosed problem that garages do.

    Saved a total of £700 today for customers in repairs. very good day and customers for life.

    tomorrow is a VVC 160 MGTF. it's alternator belt failed and took the cam belt out. bent valves and needs a few new ones.

    Saturday I am in Milton Keynes. MGF head gasket.

    Not sure where the sun is guys. Poxy weather to work in. Feel sorry for you guys who cat get the roofs down.

    But, fingers crossed you can all have some sun soon and enjoy the top down action.




    Hi everyone. My phone was stolen today, so unable to get any contact. please email me for the next few days.

    A little frustrating as I had only had this new phone a week. but a new sim is on the way and hopefully be with me in 2-3 days.




  • Hello everyone

    So, it's been a long while I know. But I have a genuine reason. Busy keeping MG Rovers on the road from the dreaded head gasket failure.

    I'm not going to go through all of my jobs I have done for the past 2 months, it would take forever. But I will run through the past week and some other key moments.

    Tuesday: I was in Maidstone in Kent. Now this is very local, so a nice lay in and a MG ZR to start the week off.

    It had previously had a head gasket done, but it had been put in upside down. Yes, you read that correct. I have no idea how someone can do this and not see the problem, but hey! these things are here to test us.

    It also needed a water pump, so that was changed at the time too.

    Wednesday I was in Northampton for a MGTF. This was pretty straight forward. Head gasket only. It all went to plan and I was done and on my way home by lunch time.

    Thursday I was in the midlands. I had a MGTF in the morning, which had been looked at previously by a garage, who confirmed the head gasket had failed, and then continued to put a leak stop in the cooling system and send them on their way.

    it created so many blockages in the system that when it come to me cleaning it and starting it up and bleeding, I had a joy chasing blockages around and getting the heaters to once again blow hot air.

    In the end I was the winner, and the car was back on the road and ready for the lady to enjoy once again.

    I then headed off to do a MG ZT. this was for a head gasket and timing belt.

    The head wasnot in a good way, and it needed to be replaced, as it was something I couldn't reuse.

    Other than that, it was a good straight forward job. Customer was very happy and another MG saved.

    Today I had a planned day off. to do things such as updat the website and write in the blog.

    So, a few key events..

    I had a lorry drive into the side of the van on the M25.

    Thankfully no injuries and all was well.. even the van was drivable. Although it has suffered some obvious battle scars.

    The driver took blame and it's all been left in the had of the insurance companies.

    I guess after the amount of miles that I do, something like this was a high possibility of happeneing, and I am very aware it one day could happen.

    Thank fully this was just one of those things and all involved were unharmed.

    My own personal car the week before this was also writen off. Parked outside the house, a lady in a van drove straight into the side of it.

    this didn't come off as luck as the van, and again she took full liabilty and that also is going through insurance.

    So hopefully I am due some good news, but then I guess that's coming in the way of work. Still busy, still striving to offer the best service a mobile mechanic can, and still looking to keep the MG badge on the road.

    Next week is almost full, and I have jobs booking for the following week too. so all is on track to be another busy spring, and back to the days of 2 head gasket repairs a day.

    So everyone, keep an eye of for coolant loss, creamy oil, excessive smoke from exhaust and watch that temp guage. All of these things can if not already, lead to head gasket failure.

    I trust you are all well, and it's nearly time to get them roofs down. :)



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